Nearfield Instruments @ High Tech Systems conference April 11

Invited talk by Hamed Sadeghian (CTO) and booth presence

Nearfield Instruments is a proud sponsor of High-Tech Systems 2019. Learn about the latest trends in smart manufacturing, advanced thermal design and optomechatronics at High Tech Systems 2019! The conference programme focuses on high-end system development for markets where smart engineering and technology make a difference, such as HIGH THROUGHPUT 3D METROLOGY EQUIPMENT FOR ADVANCED PROCESS CONTROL.

The driver in the semiconductor industry is to create faster, lower-power chips that have more functionality. This can be achieved by making even more complex 3D structures built up from smaller and smaller features. CD-SEM and scatterometry (OCD) cannot measure accurate height of these tiny structures locally. Nearfield Instruments is developing its first ultrafast high-throughput scanning probe microscopy (HT-SPM) system for metrology of advanced ICs, in order to measure these parameters. During the talk by Hamed Sadeghian (CTO Nearfield Instruments B.V.) at High Tech Systems on 11 April in Eindhoven, the development of this system and the applications in semiconductor metrology will be presented. For more information about this talk, visit

Furthermore, come meet us at our booth in Hall 040 Zuid and learn more about our exciting technology and vacancies!