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Nearfield Instruments (NFI) brings together the most creative minds in science and technology to develop a revolutionary high throughput atomic force microscopy system enabling atom-scale resolution 3D metrology at industry-level throughput, based on three pillars:
• Unrivaled measurement speed;
• Parallelization capability;
• Advanced measurement modes.

At NFI, we design, develop, integrate, market and service these advanced metrology machines, which enable our customers – the world’s leading chipmakers – to increase the production yields, and thus, functionality of their microchips, which in turn leads to smaller, more powerful consumer electronics. We aim to develop leading edge metrology systems, to be installed at the customer site, within specifications, on time, with quality exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Join our dedicated team in developing and delivering these advanced metrology systems to our customers! We have several exciting and challenging positions available. Interested? Then please contact recruitment@nearfieldinstruments.com.

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